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Load-Balance AD LDS With Microsoft NLB In 6 Steps

Sysprep might not install nonnative signed drivers. If you work with Sysprep to clone Win2K systems, you might already have encountered the following Plug and Play (PnP) bug. When you create a system with a third-party or nonnative driver and try to upgrade the image with a signed or test-signed driver by using the OEMPnPDriversPath entry in the sysprep.inf file, Windows doesn't install the new signed driver. According to the Microsoft article at, Sysprep incorrectly reverts to the original driver .inf file. If you update your builds with signed drivers (as opposed to unsigned drivers), you need to call PSS for the new version of syssetup.dll released on May 11.

Load-Balance AD LDS With Microsoft NLB In 6 Steps

This module covers the storage options most commonly associated with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 instances today. It introduces storage architectures, mediums, and protocols, guides delegates through the configuration steps for connecting iSCSI storage, and introduces the concept of VHDs as storage and boot devices.


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