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[NEW] Download File EDU BRAVO - Run Without Fear.rar

The default settings of a Quick export and the SQL format for the export are sufficient for what we need. Click the Go button and the database export process will begin and a file will be downloaded to your local computer.

Download File EDU BRAVO - Run Without Fear.rar


Browse to the folder on your local computer where you downloaded your website files to. In that folder there is a file called wp-config.php that controls the access between WordPress and your database.

I have just downloaded my database and site files (files in folder public_html) trough FTP. Now I have connected to my new server for the first time and I can see that it already has files in its public_html folder.Files like: assets, cgi-bin, css,images, js, .htaccess, 502.shtml and parking-page.html.

David REVOY Author, 19 june 2019, 14:06 - Reply Hi Eric; I'll check. The source were indeed hosted when I previously used Github (I moved all my active repository to the Gitlab instance of Framasoft -Framagit- almost two years ago, but the brush project is not that active since I merged them in Krita 4.x code now and they became official).Probably Github changed policy but I checked and everything is still alright at the URL of the source file: -krita-brushpresets/releases/tag/8.2 (even in a private windows or using a VPN) I can download the ZIP and unzip without being asked for a subscription. Be sure your unzip software or your browser if you are on Windows or Mac is not compromised by a virus. I'm using Firefox on Linux and no issue here.

Siegfried 22 november 2016, 04:52 - Reply Technology is not my strong suit, I downloaded your file, it is a .zip file. I can't open it in Krita because it isn't a BUNDLE file. Is there any way I can convert it to a BUNDLE file or do something to open the brush pack?

Kacper 09 december 2016, 20:56 - Reply Wtf, how do I download this? I downloaded the zip file from the site you linked and when I tried importing into krita, it didn't work. It just opened the folder, and then I tried importing the folders inside the main folder, it just opened them, pls help.

Eric 06 january 2017, 04:10 - Reply Hi David, I just posted a comment that I downloaded the latest version 8.1 and am attempting to import it into Krita v3.1.1 but it's not finding any files after I unzip it. Thank you

David REVOY Author, 06 january 2017, 04:24 - Reply Hi Eric. I assume you downloaded the source file ( because you said it's a zip ) . The file you need is a *.bundle file and it's compatible with Krita 3.1.1 ; read again the page, all instruction are written correctly as far as I know.

Eric 06 january 2017, 04:45 - Reply David I figured out a workaround, as a suggestion for anyone else that runs into this issue: click on the download "deevad-v8-1.bundle, save as, change "save as type" from .zip to "all files". Change the defaulted .zip extension to .bundle. WORKED!! :)

Eric 06 january 2017, 04:08 - Reply Hi is this compatible with Krita v 3.1.1? I downloaded and unzipped the file but when attempting to import, it doesn't find any file to open. Thank you.

David REVOY Author, 06 january 2017, 04:26 - Reply Hi Eric. I assume you downloaded the source file ( because you said it's a zip ) .The file you need is a *.bundle file and it's compatible with Krita 3.1.1 ; read again the page, all instruction are written correctly as far as I know.

Michael Ivarsson 01 march 2017, 22:06 - Reply not having any luck with the brush bundle installation..Let us get this straight, is the deevad-v8-1.bundle the only file needed right?and where is the info on where to save or extract the bundle, where does it need to be...somewhere down the line in the answers I could see some preference user folder, I do not see such folder in the krita program folder, neither in my user folders.It looks interesting, I managed to download the zip extract the bundle file withing, but I just extracted to desktop and then located the bundle from there and installed through the manager, I can see the deevad 8.1 bundle name when checking the preset list, but there is no brushes in there.

Carro 15 march 2017, 23:50 - Reply Hi! I have a question, I'm using Krita 3.1.1 and I tried to download this but when I went to download bundle I couldn't find the package in my downloaded files where I put it. I wonder if there is maybe a newer version that I have to update to, and if so, will my old unfinished art work not be able to open in the new version? I don't know if this made any sense, but it would be really nice if you could answer this. Thank you so much! And your art is really beautiful, I appreciate what you do.

rye-bread 30 march 2017, 01:17 - Reply does the bundle include the brushes from 8.1? because once i downloaded this last night i lost all my .1 brushes. i just deleted the files in hopes of fixing the issue but now i only have the .2 brushes and i NEED the .1 brushes. i can't find the link to .1 to redownload either

David REVOY Author, 31 january 2018, 10:05 - Reply Off topic comment? But yes, ABR is a proprietary binary file created by Adobe. It means if you open this type of file you see plenty of encoded glyph. So, it's already a little miracle a developer of Krita found a way to catch little picture into this mess ( a way to import "brush tips" ). But loading the other parameters is way harder ; the settings are changing and would require a dev to buy a Photoshop license only to compare and play the "guess" and paint long process. It's not worthing it , in my opinion. Artist can recreate the brushes without too much effort. Adobe is known to create messy in-house binary file format with plenty of revisions, etc.

David REVOY Author, 30 may 2018, 11:56 - Reply Hi, re-download, extract the *.zip (inside there is a single *.bundle file ) Don't extract the bundle ( if you use Mac or Windows, the extractor sometime on this o.s. are bad qualities and auto assume to extract the content on multi level ; they try to extract the bundle file itself ).Keep the the bundle on your disk somewhere. Open Krita, go to ressource manager, and load the bundle from this interface.

KingGrotesk 14 january 2019, 02:29 - Reply Just to clarify the licensing, I get that it's free, but do you require a credit be given, say on my creative Twitch stream, or can I just download and go crazy without thinking about it? Of course I'll gladly give credit, if that's what you require.Either way, thanks endlessly for these awesome brushes, they've already made my life a lot easier!

Amalia 20 april 2019, 17:25 - Reply Hello! I have some trouble downloading the file since I'm on a mac and can't open the file, what do i do? I really want these brushes! plz help me!

David REVOY Author, 20 april 2019, 22:57 - Reply Hi Amalia; The download is ZIP file; you need to unzip it first (but I have no idea if Mac provide something to unzip by default or if you need to install an app for that). You can probably look in the documentation of your system. Good luck!

David REVOY Author, 17 june 2020, 09:00 - Reply Hi, have you tried to search "How to unzip files" in the documentation of your operating system? Here every Linux distributions I used came with a simple right-click over the file, then "extract to".You can also try to downlolad the brush not zipped; the listing of files uncompressed is here: =resources ; they finish by "bundle" but some web browser will try to display them as webpage with plenty of characters instead of starting a download...

David REVOY Author, 28 march 2021, 16:56 - Reply Hi, maybe it was a server hiccup during the minute you tried. Can you retry now?Other possibility: it's a zip file and you have a antivirus or policy in your webbrowser/operating system trying to prevent you to download zip. That's very unlikely, but it might happen one day.All my resources are on Pepper&Carrot server: =resources , more robust for this type of download (it's like thousands each day, and bandwith as unfortunately a cost...).I hope you'll find a way, let me know!

BegginerArtist 29 june 2021, 13:26 - Reply I figured it out. I was downloading the wrong file. Haha! Also, my file opener went missing for a bit so yeah that didn't help. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your time and sharing these awesome brushes. I am super excited to use them and when I can I'm definitely donating to you! Have a good day and i wish you good luck and many days on your art journey! :D

first off i would like to thank Miner for his wonderful blog and the readily available downloads he posts every week. bravo. this leads me to my question about the .rar files. I use a mac and have been using .rar expander for a while, with no problems. however, recently it gives me an error when i try to open them, saying it is not a RAR archive. i even tried installing a new .rar expander, stufflt, but this still gives me an error whenever i try to download the .rar files i have been getting from this site for so long. any info would be greatly appreciated!

Not true anymote.In the age of google,your basic search will link you to the top pirate sites,and all of those offer comments not only on the quality/danger,but on how to find a better thing or fix an issue.So you can just google for stuff you want and download it without fear.Heck,some of the browsers even offer torrent downloading addons,so you dont even need to download a separate program to do that. 041b061a72


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