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Shiva Story in Malayalam PDF 17: The Race Between Shiva's Sons

If you are looking for a Shiva story in Malayalam PDF 17, you might be interested in this charming tale of sibling rivalry between Shiva's sons, Kartikeya and Ganesha. This story is based on the legend of how Ganesha became the leader of the gods by winning a race against his brother.

shiva story in malayalam pdf 17

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The Challenge of Narada

One day, the sage Narada visited Shiva on Mount Kailash. He brought with him a golden mango that he claimed was the fruit of wisdom. He offered it to Shiva, saying that whoever ate it would become the wisest of all beings. Shiva was about to accept it, when he saw his two sons, Kartikeya and Ganesha, coming towards him. He decided to give the mango to one of them instead.

But who should he choose? Both Kartikeya and Ganesha were eager to have the mango, and they argued over who deserved it more. Kartikeya said that he was older and stronger, and that he had fought many battles for the gods. Ganesha said that he was smarter and more loyal, and that he had helped his father in many ways. Shiva could not decide between them, so he asked Narada for his advice.

The Race Around the World

Narada suggested that they should have a contest to determine who would get the mango. He said that whoever went around the world three times and came back first would be the winner. Shiva agreed to this idea, and so did Kartikeya and Ganesha.

Kartikeya was confident that he would win, since he had a peacock as his mount, which could fly very fast. He quickly mounted his peacock and flew off in a flash. Ganesha, on the other hand, had a mouse as his mount, which could not fly at all. He knew that he had no chance of catching up with his brother by following him around the world.

So he thought of a clever plan. He realized that his father Shiva was the lord of the universe, and that everything in the world was a part of him. He decided to go around his father three times instead of going around the world. He mounted his mouse and circled around Shiva with devotion and respect.

The Victory of Ganesha

After going around Shiva three times, Ganesha reached the mango and claimed it as his prize. Shiva was surprised and amused by his son's ingenuity. He praised him for his wisdom and love, and gave him the mango with his blessings.

Just then, Kartikeya returned from his long journey around the world. He saw that Ganesha had already won the mango, and he felt angry and cheated. He accused Ganesha of being unfair and dishonest, and he refused to accept his defeat. He said that he would not live with his family anymore, and he left Mount Kailash in a huff.

Shiva felt sad to see his son leave, but he also respected his decision. He hoped that one day Kartikeya would come back and reconcile with his brother. He also declared that from then on, Ganesha would be the leader of the gods, and that anyone who wanted to worship any god would have to worship Ganesha first.

The Moral of the Story

This Shiva story in Malayalam PDF 17 teaches us some important lessons about life. It shows us that wisdom is more valuable than strength or speed, and that love is more powerful than pride or anger. It also shows us that sometimes we have to think outside the box to solve our problems, and that we should always respect our parents and elders.

Shiva Story in Malayalam PDF 17: The Birth of Kartikeya

Another Shiva story in Malayalam PDF 17 that you might enjoy is the birth of Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati. This story is based on the legend of how Kartikeya was born to destroy the demon Taraka, who had obtained a boon from Brahma that he could only be killed by a son of Shiva.

The Boon of Taraka

Taraka was a powerful demon king who had conquered the three worlds with his army. He was very arrogant and cruel, and he oppressed the gods, sages and humans. He also had a desire to marry Parvati, the consort of Shiva, who was the most beautiful goddess in the universe.

He knew that Shiva was a great ascetic who had renounced worldly pleasures and was meditating in solitude on Mount Kailash. He thought that if he could somehow make Shiva break his vow of celibacy, he could get a chance to woo Parvati. So he devised a plan to disturb Shiva's meditation.

He went to Brahma, the creator god, and asked him for a boon. He asked that he should become immortal and invincible to all beings except a son of Shiva. He thought that this way, he would be safe from any harm, since Shiva would never have a son.

Brahma granted him the boon, but warned him that his arrogance would be his downfall. Taraka thanked him and left, feeling very happy and confident. He then increased his tyranny and violence, and challenged the gods to fight him.

The Plight of the Gods

The gods were terrified of Taraka and his army. They could not defeat him in battle, nor could they find a way to break his boon. They realized that only a son of Shiva could kill him, but they did not know how to make Shiva have a son.

They went to Vishnu, the preserver god, and asked him for his help. Vishnu told them that they had to somehow awaken Shiva's love for Parvati, and make him unite with her. He said that only then would a son be born who would destroy Taraka.

He also told them that Parvati was an incarnation of Shakti, the supreme energy of the universe, and that she was destined to be Shiva's consort. He said that she had been performing severe penance to win Shiva's heart, but Shiva was oblivious to her devotion.

He advised them to seek the help of Kamadeva, the god of love, who could shoot his arrows of desire at anyone and make them fall in love. He said that Kamadeva could shoot his arrow at Shiva and make him notice Parvati's beauty and grace.

The Sacrifice of Kamadeva

Kamadeva agreed to help the gods, but he was also afraid of Shiva's wrath. He knew that Shiva was very powerful and fierce, and that he did not like any disturbance in his meditation. He feared that if he shot his arrow at Shiva, he might anger him and face his punishment.

But he also felt pity for Parvati, who was suffering in her love for Shiva. He also felt duty-bound to save the world from Taraka's oppression. He decided to sacrifice himself for the greater good, and prepared to shoot his arrow at Shiva.

He waited for an opportune moment when Parvati was near Shiva, offering her prayers and flowers. He then aimed his arrow at Shiva's heart and released it with full force. The arrow hit its mark, and Shiva felt a sudden surge of emotion in his chest.

He opened his eyes and saw Parvati standing before him. He was struck by her beauty and charm, and felt a strong attraction towards her. He smiled at her and reached out to touch her hand.

Kamadeva was overjoyed to see his arrow working its magic on Shiva. But his joy was short-lived, as he also saw Shiva's third eye opening on his forehead. The third eye was a symbol of Shiva's power and wisdom, and it could burn anything with its fire.

Shiva realized that he had been tricked by Kamadeva into breaking his meditation. He felt angry and betrayed by the god of love, who had dared to disturb his peace. He glared at Kamadeva with his third eye, and shot a beam of fire at him.

Kamadeva had no time to escape or defend himself. He was instantly reduced to ashes by Shiva's fire. His wife Rati, the goddess of passion, saw this happen and cried out in grief. She ran to Shiva and begged him to spare her husband's life.

The Birth of Kartikeya

Shiva felt sorry for Rati's plight, but he also said that Kamadeva had brought this fate upon himself by interfering with his will. He said that he could not bring him back to life, but he could grant him a boon that he would be reborn as Pradyumna, the son of Krishna and Rukmini.

He also said that he would not abandon Parvati after awakening her love for him. He said that he would marry her with full rituals and ceremonies, and that they would have a son who would kill Taraka.

Rati thanked him for his kindness and accepted his boon. She also blessed Parvati for winning Shiva's heart, and wished them happiness in their marriage.

Shiva then took Parvati as his bride, and they consummated their union on Mount Kailash. From their union emerged six sparks of fire, which were carried by Agni, the god of fire, to the Ganges river. There they were received by six stars called Krittikas, who nursed them as their own children.

The six sparks grew into six handsome boys with radiant faces and golden skin. They were endowed with divine weapons and skills, and they were named Skanda, Visakha, Sakti, Jaya, Naigameya and Vrisakapi.

One day, Parvati came to visit her sons on the banks of the Ganges. She was delighted to see them growing up so well under the care of the Krittikas. She hugged them all with affection and kissed them on their heads.

As she did so, a miracle happened. The six boys merged into one boy with six heads and twelve arms. He was even more beautiful and powerful than before, and he shone like the sun.

Parvati was amazed by this transformation, but she also felt happy that her sons had become one son who could fulfill their destiny. She named him Kartikeya, 6c859133af


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