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[S2E9] Coat Check HOT!

Kelly Ripa is also on hand to take care of Abbi while Ilana is off with herself. It can be hard for a celebrity to do a role where they play a bizarro universe version of themselves, because it often comes off as purely serviceable to their own real-life image while adding nothing to the show, which makes them stick out. Ripa manages to avoid this trip altogether by playing a version of herself that one likes to imagine is only slightly exaggerated. Things start out okay, as Abbi returns her coat to her and they drink some wine. Then the moonshine and drugs are out, baskets are being dropped onto the street, and male prostitutes are showing up. A normal Wednesday in the Ripa household.

[S2E9] Coat Check

Lana visits Kit Walker in the infirmary and states her desire to kill Oliver Thredson. He reminds her of his need to get Thredson's confession and clear his name. Lana goes to the still bound Thredson and tells him of her pregnancy and her intention to abort with a coat hanger. He begs her not to do it and promises to change. She gets him to speak of the murders of Donna Burton, Alison Rydell, and Wendy Peyser as Kit records their conversation from hiding. After they reveal the ruse, she tells Thredson that she's already gone through with the abortion.

Zoidberg(reading): I'd like to propose a toast to coat check number 84.Fry: Turn it over.Zoidberg: Oh, Edna! (reading) Of all the slimy, gross crab monsters on this planet, you are apparently the hottest.

What's better than one amazing coat? Two amazing coats! Elliott shows a fundamental understanding of the "more is more" fashion philosophy here, and he even manages to match with the hardhats they're given. That's pure instinct.

The Valet takes Angel's coat, shirt, socks, and shoes. For the first trial, he explains Angel will be unarmed against an armed opponent, whom he must kill. When Angel presses for more detail, the Valet claims to have no idea what the remaining trials might entail because no one has ever survived the first. With a final farewell, the Valet disappears to join Darla, leaving Angel to face a large demon armed with huge hooks on long, heavy chains. Angel dodges several swings of the chains before being hooked through the calf and dragged toward the leering demon.

In the antechamber, the Valet checks his pocket watch and notes that Angel has survived an unprecedented 17 seconds. Distraught, Darla demands to see what's happening, and the Valet touches her forehead. Able to feel what Angel feels and see what he sees, Darla flinches as she finds him enduring a succession of heavy punches and kicks. When the demon draws its sword for the killing blow, Angel escapes into a narrow corridor circling the challenge floor. He ambushes the demon, grabs its sword, and slices it in two at the waist.

Check out some of designer Jenn Todryk's home makeovers that illustrate how dramatic improvements can be achieved without gutting interiors or knocking down walls.Editor's Note: Keep checking back here for new additions to this gallery throughout season 2 of No Demo Reno.

Nate receives a facility tour to check out the impressive Pincanna build out. The entire facility is tied into Damatex automation technology and houses an incredible generator system Pincanna uses to not only provide the power they need, but significantly cut costs.

But I still missed the shiny French clothes. But Highland Matchmakers Ltd almost made up for it. Wee Fergus is still soo cute. I imagine Wee Fergus growing into a handsome very tall person in Voyager. I really thought Murtagh, Dougal, Jamie would lead the raw recruits in a Band of Brothers Currahee hike up Ben Nevis. *she says tongue firmly planted in check*.

Her trademark fabulous hat was created specifically to match her coat. The chartreuse felt hood was sourced in the US, then decorated with a pink velvet hat band as well as black and white guinea hen feathers, dyed pink emu feathers, and shaped white feathers. A gold filigree piece is also tucked into the fascinator.

In the second episode of season two, Miss Fisher wears ten outfits total, ranging from a series of comfortable home ensembles to dramatic coats while investigating cemeteries, to her practical linen travel coat, and finishing with a gorgeous gold lace bolero.

She finishes the look with her versatile wide-leg black silk faille pants, often seen with her at-home outfits, but also worn out with a variety of tops and coats. These pants have been used 30 times so far in season two alone (five times in 2x01, eight times in 2x02, twice in 2x03 and 2x04, three times in 2x05, four times in 2x06, and three times in 2x07 and 2x08).

The wide band of embroidery travels around her collar, down the folded lapels and to the hem of the full-length coat, and is made up of multi-colored red and orange flowers with green stems and leaves, along with a scrolling pattern of white plants on the inside, bordered by gold bands with black dots.

George Michael asks his father if they have any music he can use for the Christian music bonfire that he and Ann are going to be hosting at the house. Michael suggests Christmas music, but George Michael clarifies that it's not a "Christian music" bonfire but rather a Christian "music bonfire", in which they burn satanic music. He decides to take the day off to buy music to burn and Michael offers to cover for him at the Banana Stand. Lucille asks Michael to bid on her at a charity auction, because she can't have a replay of the previous year, when Buster accidentally bid on Lucille Two instead of her. Michael refuses. Lindsay asks Lucille if she can borrow a fur for her date with the actor Moses Taylor. Tobias announces that he is no longer a standby understudy for the Blue Man Group, showing Michael a cease and desist order he received because of an ad he took out in a trade magazine promoting his own "Blue Man" show. A television news anchor states that a wolf has been spotted in the park. A wolf call sounds from upstairs, and Michael goes to check on George Sr. He requests a hot tub, suggesting that it could be his water supply as well as a place to cook boil-in-the-bag meals. Michael refuses, citing the family's tight budget.

Michael goes to the country club for his "accidental" encounter with Sally, but he has forgotten about the club's dress code. Eventually the club lends him a ridiculously oversized jacket and he is allowed in. When he runs into Sally and her father, they invite him to lunch. Michael notices G.O.B. dining with Lucille Two, and Stan invites them to join as well. At lunch, both Michael and G.O.B. pretend to not be interested in the women that they're interested in. Michael tries to pick up the check, but his card is declined due to increased activity. It is revealed that George Sr. used the card to buy a hot tub and a case of bag-and-boil dinners. Michael confronts George Sr. about his spending. George Sr. tells Michael not to go after Sally because he doesn't want Stan Sitwell saying that his daughter is sticking it to George Sr.'s son. Now that his father disapproves, Michael decides that he will go after Sally. Michael strikes up a deal with G.O.B.; if Michael doesn't tell anyone about G.O.B. and Lucille Two, G.O.B. will siphon gas from Sally's car so that Michael can rescue her in the Corvette.

Tobias, having seen a sign offering a bounty on the wolf that has been sighted, purchases a tranquilizer gun in order to capture the wolf, claim the prize money, and bid on his wife at the charity auction. Lindsay, dressed in a fur coat, is meeting Moses Taylor for their date in the park. While he has steppd away, she breaks her heel, falls to the ground, and howls. Tobias fires the tranquilizer gun at her. Moses returns to find Lindsay knocked out, and leaves her on a bench. It is revealed that he is trying to distance himself from the "Moses Taylor hunts people" scandal started by "a rabid anti-gun fanatic". Michael arrives to help Sally with her car trouble to find that it is on fire. He tries to put the fire out, but is rescued by the fire department before Sally sees his heroics. She arrives in time to find him in a fireman's arms wrapped in a blanket. At the hospital, Michael tries to ask Sally out on a date, but is cut off by a coughing fit. Before it finishes, Sally announces that she has to leave to attend the charity auction. Michael decides that he's going to bid on Sally.

Another goal for Emily's style evolution this season? To propose a mirror effect between her own aesthetic and that of Sylvie's. "Emily has observed Sylvie's codes. She's spent two seasons watching her, thinking to herself, 'She's got style, she's got pizazz,'" Fitoussi said, continuing, "Sylvie knows how to raise a collar, how to put a coat on her shoulders. I listen, I look, I integrate. And in this season, Lily puts a coat on her shoulders and puts on high-waisted pants, which she's never had before. She still does not risk what we call a 'Sylvie,' being able to release a shoulder and pull up a coat and a shirt collar. But she'll get there."

Twelve new queens enter the Canadian werkroom. For the first mini-challenge, the queens must pose for a photoshoot shot by guest judge Caitlin Cronenberg while jumping into a foam pit reaching for the crown. Suki Doll wins this mini-challenge. For the main challenge, the queens must create a haute-check couture look that screams premiere party eleganza using left-behind materials from the coat check.

The episode opens with a very relatable scene with Abbi and Ilana vaping during a gig working the coat check of a party. At the party, Ilana meets Adele, a woman who could be her doppelgänger, played by Alia Shawkat, and Abbie meets America's sweetheart Kelly Ripa.

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