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(Dub) 6 : This Summer's Going To Be A Hot One ((NEW))

Looking to escape the cold and head somewhere tropical? Groove Cruise is the perfect winter getaway. With one of the best festival lineups of the winter season and a killer backdrop, the cruise life is going to be super sweet this year. Check out our survival guide for first timers here, and our guide to planning a trip to Groove Cruise here. Grab tickets here.

(Dub) 6 : This Summer's Going to Be a Hot One

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As another midwest gem, Dancefestopia is a beloved raver favorite. With a massive lineup each year, this festival is perfect for anyone heading back to school in the area that wants to celebrate the start of the school year. Get tickets here and keep an eye out for the lineup later this year. This will be the event's ten year anniversary, so you know it's going to be big.

Same Same But Different is...well, same same but different. This annual festival boasts some of the biggest names in dance music set against the beautiful backdrop of Lake Perris. Grab tickets here and keep an eye out for what we're sure is going to be a killer lineup when it gets released later on this year. 041b061a72


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