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List Of Companies Operating In Epz In Bangladesh _BEST_

Labour Watch and other organizations criticized the factory inquiry into the accidents that killed 9 workers. An estimated 4,000 workers worked at the factory at the time of the accidents. In May 2016, Bangladeshs Supreme Court ruled that the workers could not bring a suit for compensation, ruling that, while their cause might be the right to work, it was not a judicial cause. Instead they could only file a complaint with the public prosecutor, who would decide on the suit.

list of companies operating in epz in bangladesh

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In April 2014, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) published a Minimum Wage Proposal 2015, which it claimed was based on the recommendations of the government. However, the proposal was criticized by the countrys labor unions and rights groups. [151] The BGMEA argued that the minimum wage for 2014 was a 6.8% increase from the previous year, but the unions and the rights group say this is much lower than the average wage of workers in the industry, which was 10,000 taka in 2013.

Many of the companies that employ outsourced workers also make payments to corporations in Bangladesh. The minimum wage is defined as a minimum wage paid to the worker per day; this is determined by the number of days worked per year. Most factories that employ outsourced workers pay the minimum wage, often well above minimum wage to cover costs and pay additional bonuses to pay workers more. The work is dangerous, with a high number of lost days and injuries. In August 2016, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh invalidated the countrys labor laws, saying the constitution of the country limits the courts jurisdiction to oversee the rights of workers. [147] The Bangladesh Supreme Court is now considering a government-sponsored draft labor law.


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