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Copycat Collin Street Deluxe Fruitcake Recipe

At that moment, I felt like I'd won the lottery because I quite possibly have the recipe for The Perfect Fruitcake. Buried treasure, chocolate gold, a potentially life-saving fruitcake recipe that masquerades as a "spice" cake (or as my father calls it, "booze" cake). Could my mother's cocoa-based "Old Fashioned Christmas Spice Cake" be the bridge over troubled fruitcake?

Copycat Collin Street Deluxe Fruitcake Recipe

I went through the dropouts' checklist. My mom's recipe is chock full of nuts. It has brandy or rum, (or coffee, cook's choice). There are no ancient, candied cherries, citron or pineapple (what are the green things again?). With its lovely golden raisins and dates, its tipsy walnuts and pecans, it classifies in every way as a "fruitcake" with a moist and light cocoa-flavored cake base. 350c69d7ab


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