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Where Can You Buy Straight Talk Phones

A big pro with Samsung phones is that you can buy a certified renewed phone straight off the official Samsung website. This phone is professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Samsung technicians and sold on their website for $275, down from the $924.99 a new model would cost.

where can you buy straight talk phones

Do not work with this company. It's a scam. I went through their website to purchase a phone and new service where they offered me a phone lease through something called SmartPay. Their website claimed my transaction didn't go through even though my credit card was charged. After multiple phone calls I ended up talking to someone at SmartPay who confirmed my transaction went through and provided me with an order number. After multiple days waiting, Straight Talk Wireless still claims they don't know anything about my order and keeps referring me back to SmartPay who have already confirmed my order. So I'm out money with no phone or service and thus far no solution offered. 041b061a72


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