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English Don - The Chase Begins Again

The capitaine throws the chicken into the air for the men to chase, and an accordion begins "The Mardi Gras Song." The Mardi Gras runners travel down the road and make stops in other yards. Musical instruments drop out of "The Mardi Gras Song," and a cappella singing continues in French in a call-and-response style. The singers urge the visited households to "give a lot" (donnez beaucoup).

English Don - The Chase Begins Again

Aside from being a natural behavior that is left over from their wolf ancestry, chasing is fun for a dog and triggers the pleasure centers of their brains. This behavior can go from fun, like when your dog is chasing after a tennis ball to a real nightmare for you if the drive becomes too high and your dog begins displaying inappropriate behaviors associated with prey drive. Negative effects of predatory chase drive can include: 350c69d7ab


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