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BYclouder Data Recovery Ultimate

Accidently formatted your Nokia Lumia 520's SD card? Mistakenly deleted precious photos and videos? Attacked by virus and have no access to your data anymore? What's worse, haven't backup? Don't panic; you still have third party software to resort to. Here in this article, I would list top 3 Nokia Lumia 520 data recovery programs and compare them. You can choose the fittest one according to your conditions.

BYclouder Data Recovery Ultimate

I give top 1 to Card Data Recovery for Windows (as well as Card Data Recovery for Mac) as the best Nokia Lumia 520 file recovery file since it is really easy-to-use and effective. As professional card data recovery software, it can quickly and safely recover deleted or lost photos, videos, songs from SD card of your Nokia Lumia 520. Besides, it can support all Windows systems even Windows 8.1 as well as all Mac OS including the latest Mac OS X 10.10.

When you delete files from your Nokia Lumia 520, the space that the files used to be stored turns blank but the files are kept intact as long as you haven't overwritten it by storing new files to the blank space. What the Nokia Lumia 520 file recovery software does is to scan the deleted data and get it back.

After comparing the listed top three Nokia Lumia 520 data recovery tool, we can find that Card Data Recovery is the most user-friendly, effective as well as safest one to recover your Nokia Lumia 520 deleted data. Anyway, to avoid the same thing happen, I highly recommend you to backup Nokia Lumia 520 data and store it in safe place.

Computers, smartphones, and other digital devices such as MP3 players contain personal and valuable information. We cannot depend on our luck alone to safeguard the information contained on a particular gadget. There is a high probability that a person can lose data due to the corruption of the operating system or due to an attack of a virus. Unfortunately, no utility program is currently available that is capable of preventing intrusion and provide 100% protection. Luckily, you do have programs that excel in audio file recovery. You can now easily get back all the lost songs from any of the devices with the help of audio file recovery tool.

Do Your Data recovery is a professional and powerful recovery tool. It is competent in retrieving data from formatted or inaccessible drives from a computer, laptop, and other storage media. It is also capable of recovering audio files from deleted or lost partitions. The advanced recovery algorithm contained within the program helps in retrieval of data in three simple steps. The recovery tool is also capable of retrieving information from Windows server, large capacity devices, and RAID devices.

Recover My Files is a data recovery tool that is capable of retrieving lost files from corrupted, unallocated, and formatted drives. It is also capable of retrieving information for the files bypassed by the Windows recycle bin. The inbuilt text and hex features enable a user to see raw data. The software also allows an individual to browse results while the program is in the midst of scanning a partition or an external hard drive. Additionally, numerous tips related to drive recoveries are available at the developer website.

The main functionality of the program is recovering deleted audio files from any storage device. It means that the audiophile recovery is capable of extracting data from a hard disk, external hard disk, a smartphone, CD, DVD, SD card, and MP3 players. It ignores the file system layer, which makes it easy for it to retrieve data even from a formatted or severely damaged device. Supports all the leading file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, Flac, m3u, ra, rx2, and so on. A major advantage of the program is its capability to identify all the latest smartphones, flash drives, MP3 players, and gaming consoles.


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