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Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise 6.62 Download

Deep Freeze Standard checks the value of files in the Windows registry and prevents changes to these files.It is very fast and does not require any additional time or CPU power, but does not have certain security features. Deep Freeze detects changes in the registry and prevents these changes.Additionally, it deletes the local user profile when a user logs off, making sure the next use of the computer is completely clean.With this approach, you can completely optimize and protect your computer.

faronics deep freeze enterprise 6.62 download

Deep Freeze Enterprise supports additional features which are available only when it is used in conjunction with Meltdown. These features include an MDM function and the ability to Offload the firewall. Lets take a look at how they work and which configurations are required in order to take advantage of these features.

The first thing you need to do is add the system to the Deep Freeze Enterprise software. This is done in the case of an existing computer. The device must be connected to the Internet and the Deep Freeze cloud service must be running. Deep Freeze Enterprise, like other similar programs, uses a method known as MDM, or Mobile Device Management. To do this, you will use the devices built-in operating system settings. When you log into the device, go to the screen shown in figure B.1.

Figure B.1 shows the main screen of Deep Freeze Enterprise. The second tab, shown in figure B.2, is the Firewall Offload tab, which controls how the firewall is handled. When you open the Firewall Offload tab, the first option is the Enable Firewall Offload option, and then the tab will show the Protection Settings that need to be configured. Note that the options are only shown in the actual Deep Freeze program.


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