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Why You Need DAZ 3D - Victoria 6 Pro Bundle for Your Digital Art Projects

The only real reason to buy the bundles is if you like the included content and can see yourself using them. This is not to say the included content is bad. Everything I have tested in the M6 bundle is of a very good quality. Having the texture sets, hair, poses and apparel can be a great asset, but only if you are reasonably sure you need (or want) them. And then there are the GENITALS. If you need these then you have little choice but to go PRO.

DAZ 3D - Victoria 6 Pro Bundle Full

G2 is compatible to the fullest extent only with DS 4.6x, but will work just fine in 4.5 versions (so I hear) but without the new surface/materials. Luckily it comes with legacy materials, so should be fine but might need a little tweaking.

Without a doubt the bundles look pretty good. You get some very nice hair props and texture sets (one comes with the basic V6 product) with the Victoria 6 Starter Bundle, and the outfits, one fantasy and the other, a party dress offer a nice bit of diversity and will likely find use with a lot of users. The Pose sets are always useful when you want to do a quick render or if you want to do something more significant and need some inspiration.

I have genesis 1, 2, 3 and 8, plus Michael 4 that I got as freebie.I also have several characters (Michael 6 and Victoria 6 that I bought, and Lee and many other that I got as freebies), plus I have custom full morphs for my custom characters. Honestly, my favourite model to work with is Genesis 2. For the other models there is still something is not right to me.


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