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Dosch Design Swimming Pool

The product DOSCH 3D: Swimming Pool contains 100 very detailed and fully textured 3D-models of important details for private and public swimming pools, wellness areas and whirlpools.

Dosch Design Swimming Pool

25 animated, seamlessly tileable and endlessly loopable water textures. The product contains textures for varied water appearances like ocean, swimming-pool, river, water-fall, plus calm and stormy as well as deep and shallow waters.

1) Firstly, there was only a basic concept design for the facility when we started the project. We attended a kick-off meeting with Scott Brownrigg, who were the architects, & the client where they described what they had in mind. From this I started sketching the overall shape and size of the pool and began thinking about composition options . You can see the sketches below:

The personal mode allows the user to transfer an image motif of their own free choice to the OLED display. This novel form of personalisation is complemented by a moving image projection on the dashboard which can, for example, show cloud formations, ocean waves and the shimmering surface of a swimming pool. The selected projection is accompanied by a suitable sound backdrop.

Figure 1. 3d-printed tools for imaging on upright and inverted microscopes. The left column shows schematics of the different imaging modalities. The middle column shows the 3d-printed mounting tools. The right column shows examples of embryos mounted using the tools. (A) An iterative design strategy was used to optimize pins on 3d-printed mounting tools for different imaging modalities on upright (left) and inverted (right) microscopes. (B) Tool to mount embryos in a holder used for imaging on a lattice light-sheet microscope (LLSM). (C) Tool to mount embryos in a Petri dish for imaging on an upright microscope, such as a diSPIM. The pins sit on a plate with a slight offset from the actual tool block. This generates a shallow pool on the imaging plate after removal of the medium, allowing direct access for water dipping lenses to image the mounted embryos. (D) Tool to mount embryos in a glass-bottom dish for imaging on an inverted microscope, e.g., by spinning disk microscopy. Similar to the tool for Petri dishes, this tool has a feature to produce shallow wells for mounting, a trench that runs around the wells. 350c69d7ab


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