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Abstract:This paper proposes a simplistic, efficient, and low-cost method of millimeter-wave nondestructive testing (NDT) of dielectric material cracks based on millimeter-wave interference. A relationship between combining efficiency, phase difference, and amplitude difference was analyzed. We found that phase difference was the main factor that affects combining efficiency. A change in combining efficiency of more than 1% was caused by a phase-difference altering of greater than 1.2 in a specific range. A relevant model was simulated with CST, and the operating frequency and antenna spacing were optimized to enhance sensitivity of the measuring system. Then, a Ka-band NDT system was built to test the combining efficiencies of different cracks. The experimental results showed that for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plates with a thickness of 5 mm, cracks with a width of about 0.4 mm, which is about 0.07 λg, could be detected at 35 GHz. Experimental results, simulation results, and theoretical derivation are basically consistent. Large-scale online applications of this NDT method in various industries appear feasible due to the above characteristics.Keywords: millimeter wave; NDT; combining efficiency; phase difference; cracks; dielectric materials

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