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Ass N Feet Tumblr

Considering the Gaster Blasters are shown as being longer than Sans body, and with their width, I would say size is not to scale or its a matter of perspective, as even the largest canid known, the long extinct Epicyon haydeni had a skull around 34 cm long and had a skull the size of a male lion, still not big enough if you consider Sans over 5 feet tall.

ass n feet tumblr

Your eyes were squinted, puffy eyelids showing lack of sleep. Taehyung looked confused when he felt your clothed feet pressing onto his stomach. You were the opposite; a playful smile was decorating your face.

Taehyung probably felt the same as he let out a long groan when your feet pressed onto him. He wanted you to press on his dick. If he could move his hips slightly to the side, he could have what he wanted.

So I walked over , and I started to feel turned on. I embarrassingly got a little wet. Everyone was laughing including her. But then I walked over to her and then I stepped over her and my feet were on either side of her chest. Then she looked up my skirt. My eyes followed her eyes. It was very erotic as she looked up my skirt. She looked at my panties up my skirt. She stopped laughing and started to get serious and started to say enough is enough.

Sora was lying on her bed and attempting to stifle her tears when she felt a sudden heat swill through her skin. It was like a fever had suddenly loosed from her bones and submerged her whole body. And the sensation began to grow hotter from the base of her slender, white feet.

The feeling began to quickly rush up from her feet and over her calves and lower legs. They were expanding, pushing out into lengthier, sturdier limbs as they enlarged over the end of her bed. Soon her new, meaty soles would touch the floor of her room. A sharp pricking revealed the emergence of dark, brown hair slowly beginning to line her entire legs before a set of rough, burly toes ripped from her pink floral socks.

I know my place around here. My rent for staying with my uncle is my hole. And I'm definitely okay with that... I mean look at this man. As soon as he gets home from work, all he has to do is unbutton his shirt and I'm at his feet worshipping him. After I spend time admiring his godly body, the then uses me like the toy I am. He likes to remind me what a good slut I am for him while I suck him off. He can get a little rough with the slapping and spitting and more so with his words, but it's all worth it when he swallows me. His furry abs stretch out to hold me in his gullet. The experience is always nice. I usually shoot my load halfway down his throat and then a couple times while I'm curled up in his belly. He usually just watches TV while I squirm around for him for a few hours before he lets me out and goes out to find his actual meal for the night. When he comes back with a full stomach, he likes to fuck me again before passing out. What if one day he decides I'm dinner and just keeps me in there...

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I need a good woman. I need a good woman more than I need this typewriter, more than I need my automobile, more than I need Mozart; I need a god woman so badly that I can taste her in the air, I can feel her at my fingertips, I can see sidewalks built for her feet to walk upon, I can see pillows for her head, I can feel my waiting laughter, I can see her petting a cat, I can see her sleeping, I can see her slippers on the floor.


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